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安部潤安部潤 Jun Abe

1968年3月1日生まれ 福岡県出身

3歳の頃からピアノ教師である母親のもとでクラ シック・ピアノを始める。
以後、伊東たけし、マリーン、ANRI、クミコ、石丸幹二、広瀬香美、渡り廊下走り隊、嵐、Kinki Kids、タッキー&翼、など多数の作編曲やサウンドプロデュースを手がける一方、映画主題歌や劇伴、テレビやラジオのCM音楽など、歌もの、インスト問わず多岐に渡るジャンルの音楽を幅広く手がけている。

2011年7月には、アメリカ・NOKIAシアターにて行われた初音ミクの海外公演「MIKUNOPOLIS 2011」にバンマスとして参加。
2012年10月に、ブライアン・ブロンバーグ(B)や、伊東たけし(T-SQUARE)、増崎孝司(DIMENSION)など、国内外のジャズ・フュージョンのトップミュージシャンを迎えてレコーディングしたニュー・アルバム「Walk Around」をリリース。


更新日 : 2012.10.16


Jun Abe Profile

Music Producer/Arranger/Keyboard Player
Date of Birth: March 1, 1968 in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Abe learned the piano from the age of 3 under the direction of his mother,
who was a classical pianist.

Ever since, he has worked on many pieces as an arranger/sound producer for
artists such as Takeshi Ito, Marine, ANRI, Kumiko, Kanji Ishimaru, Hirose
Koumi, Watari Rouka Hashiritai, Arashi, Kinki Kids, Tacky & Tsubasa, etc.

He has also worked on theme songs for movies, played for musicals, TV &
Radio jingles, Pops, Instrumental music - He works on multiple genres.

As a keyboard/pianist, he has played for artists such as Anri, Ryu, Satoshi
Ikeda, Komi Hirose and has joined the recordings for Kumi Koda, Anri etc.
He still actively gigs in live houses to this day.

In July of 2011, he served as the bandmaster for Hatsune Miku’s overseas
live “MIKUNOPOLIS 2011,” which took place at the Nokia theater in the US.
In July of 2012, he worked on the music for the movie “SOUP ~Umarekawari
no monogatari ~.”
In Octorber of 2012, he recorded his 3rd leader album “Walk Around” which
featured guest musicians Brian Bromberg(Bass), Takeshi Ito(Saxophone & E-WI
: from T-SQUARE), Takashi Masuzaki(Guitar : from DIMENSION), etc.

Till this day, Abe is still actively gigging and taking part in live
sessions of all sorts of genres.


Last updated : 2012.10.17


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